Inspirational story of how a husband’s good deeds changed his widow’s life

Deceased people can reach out to their loved ones beyond the grave with the legacy that they leave behind. Even though the person has already departed this life, his good deeds will continue to live on and touch the hearts of the people around him. This inspirational story of an Indonesian husband is perfect example of this powerful love.

Photo Credit: manilaflash

A woman, who goes by the name of Lumei, lost her beloved husband from a congenital heart disease. Her husband was a beloved man in their community, for he works as a doctor and his palms are always open to help those in need. Many people ached from his loss.

The one who took the greatest blow was his wife, Lumei. Her husband of three years left her a widow and a single mother to her young son. Soon enough, Lumei found herself in a desperate situation when her brother-in-law kicked them out of the house.

With no one else to help her, the poor widow had no other choice but to take her son elsewhere. She started a small fruit stand but her meager profits barely covered her expenses and that of her child. In spite of this, she never lost hope and she sometimes drew strength from the memory of her husband.

Photo Credit: manilaflash

On one fateful day, Lumei was visiting her dead husband’s grave when two strangers approached her. After confirming her identity, the strangers handed her a calling card which listed the location of a well-known company. According to the men, a job awaited Lumei there.

At first, she was hesitant of the strangers’ offer. However, all her doubts ceased when her husband appeared in her dream that night and told her to trust these strangers’ kindness:

“Don’t worry, you can go and work there. They are good people. I have saved them before and now they want to repay my kindness.”

Photo Credit: manilaflash

It turns out that the strangers were her husband’s former patients. In the past, Lumei’s husband helped many people, but he never asked for anything in return. Instead, he just asked them to take care of his family because he knew he wasn’t going to last in this world.

The former patients kept their promise and offered to assist Lumei. When she arrived at the office, many people reached out to her and offered her financial assistance. Some of these kind-hearted people even offered the mother a place to rest.

Indeed, it’s amazing how the husband’s good deeds continued to change the lives of his loved ones. Lumei and her kid is the living testimony of the age-old saying ‘You reap what you sow.’

Source: Manilaflash