Boy who lied about his father’s job, learned a valuable lesson

Sometimes, growing up in a below average family can be a little intimidating especially when it comes to people that are more well off than yours.

In this story an 11-year-old student named Dan was constrained to lie about his father’s job when asked in class because his father worked only as a gas delivery man.

Photo Credit: goodtimes
Photo Credit: goodtimes

A kid named Ben, from the same class as him always brags about what his father does for a living, which is handling his own company. As a result, his father would always buy him the latest and most expensive toys and gadgets.

After a while, the class was tasked to write about their fathers’ jobs.

Ben told the class that his father is the CEO of his own company and gets to drive his own Mercedes Benz, that amazed everyone from his class except one.

Dan who looked a little uninterested was asked by his classmate, saying “Dan, what does your father do for a living?”

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Photo Credit: goodtimes
Photo Credit: goodtimes

But the truth is, Dan was anxious about what he was going to tell the class about his father. He wasn’t as wealthy as Ben’s father was. Worse, everyone else’s parents were in high paying white collar jobs, unlike his father’s admittedly blue collar job that left his pants in tatters.

He finally replied, “My father is a CEO as well. He drives the same car exactly like the one your father owns.”

Dan’s classmates started to doubt him, requesting him to take his father to Parent’s day at school.

He went straight home and told his father to no longer come to his school, bewildered with his son’s request he asked for an explanation which Dan told his father the truth.

The day finally arrived, Dan can’t stop feeling nervous but was shocked when he saw his father – wearing an expensive suit looking like a business executive, he was also driving a Mercedes Benz!

The kid was stunned during their whole trip, that he just noticed they stopped in front of a different home. He then saw his father’s boss.

“So, this is your son, Dan? I have heard a lot about you. Why don’t you take one of those small gas cylinders and bring it to me?” his father’s boss requested.

The kid followed, struggling his way back as he struggled to lift the heavy gas cylinder to where the boss was standing.

Photo Credit: goodtimes
Photo Credit: goodtimes

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“Now do you realize how hard you father has been working every day? He could easily lift the gas cylinder in your hands with just one hand!”

Dan realized that he had been unappreciative of his father’s efforts to provide for him every day. Since then, he learned a valuable lesson that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his father’s job to other people.

Source: Goodtimes