Here is Ellie Choi’s viral skincare routine that might help you achieve flawless skin

Perfect and flawless skin is undeniably an item in anyone’s wishlist. But no matter how much we splurge on skincare products, we can’t seem to find the perfect product combo and routine that will kiss all our imperfections goodbye.

But the search might be over soon once you get to know Korean makeup artist Ellie Choi’s secret to keeping her skin in tip top condition.

With the “glass skin” on trend right now, Ellie shared on her social media accounts the products she religiously uses on her face.

Here are Ellie’s seven tips on having a clear smooth skin:

1. Remove makeup every night

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

According to Ellie, she never goes to bed with makeup on. Every night, she would use Neutrogena cleansing towelettes to remove her makeup.

2. Cleanse

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

For her, double-cleansing is a must! To eliminate the makeup residue that is left sitting on her face, she would use either Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cleanser or Cetaphil Gentle Facial cleanser. And Ellie isn’t the only one who’s raving about Cetaphil cleansers. Victoria’s Secret angel Jasmine Tookes is also said to use the drugstore product.

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3. Toner

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

Ellie would then proceed to toning. The toner she swears by is Clinique clarifying lotion 3. Many swear by the prowess of this toner that doesn’t only cleanse the skin but also helps control excess oil.

4. Moisturize

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

Up next is moisturizer. Ellie says that she applies a “decent amount” of moisturizer before going to bed. She recommends Cetaphil moisturizer and her favorite Wonjin Water Bomb cream that retails for 33 dollars or around 1,700 pesos. Beauty is definitely expensive.

5. Exfoliate

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

Ellie said that she exfoliates every other day, while most dermatologists recommend to do so 2-3 times a week. She swears by Skinfood strawberry scrub, while a much affordable option is St. Ives facial scrub that supermodel Gigi Hadid herself uses religiously.

6. Facial mask

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

We all know that Koreans are obsessed with facial masks, right? While countless of different Korean skincare brands produce facial sheet masks, Ellie’s top brand pick? Innisfree.

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7. Water

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

We are down to the last one. The most accessible and most affordable item of the list is, water. Ellie reminded her followers to drink a lot of water and always stay hydrated. She also revealed that “fried and greasy food” negatively affects her skin so she avoids eating such.

Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an
Photo Credit: instagram/elliejellyb3an

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Well, if these products and tips help achieve skin the same as hers, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Source: Instagram