Netizen shares her 12-year-old cousin’s conversation with a girl he was courting

A netizen took to Twitter to share how she stumbled upon her cousin’s Facebook conversation with a girl that the latter was courting. According to the netizen, her young cousin has a better dating life than her.

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The netizen tweeted:

“so naiwan ng 12 taong gulang kong pinsan yung ipad niya sa kwerto ko.. hindi naman sa pagiging chismosa pero bunasa ko convo nila ng kachat niya. Punyeta dinaig pa ko???”

She then attached photos of her cousin’s conversation, and we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Photo Credit: manilaflash

The boy was asking a certain girl if she has ever had a boyfriend before. The girl answered in the affirmative, prompting the netizen’s cousin to ask if he could court her. However, she turned him down, saying she still has a boyfriend.

The cousin then proceeded to say that he was hurt by the girl’s words. To make up for what she said, the girl told him that he loves him nonetheless! What?!

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Photo Credit: manilaflash
Photo Credit: manilaflash

Seeing a sliver of hope, the boy then asked her how she could tell him she loves him in the same breath that she said she has a boyfriend. The girl explained that she loves them both, and that she was confused with her feelings as well. Seriously?

The next exchange was full of “I love you’s” and “I love you too’s”. After scrolling down some more, it turned out that the girl finally broke up with her boyfriend.

Photo Credit: manilaflash
Photo Credit: manilaflash

The cousin then replied:

“Okay lang yan maghanap ka nalang ng iba marami naman dyan gwapo. Hindi ko sinasabing gwapo piliin mo yung mabait yung kaya kang mahalin ng todo todo.”

The girl said she doesn’t want to fall in love anymore because she was tired of getting hurt.

Photo Credit: manilaflash

The flirting between the two then continued, to the shock of the netizen who posted the conversation. As of writing, however, the tweet containing screenshots of the conversation has been deleted.

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Source: Manilaflash