Throwback photo reveals who Baby Tali really looks like by Tito Sotto!

In an Instagram post by Tito Sotto, she revealed who really looks like Vic’s son “Bossing” Sotto and Pauleen Luna.

Tito Sotto said that it is not Ryza Mae Dizon or what they called “Alling Maliit.” He also mentions that it’s not Pauleen Luna.

Who is it like Baby Lali?

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Take a look at this throwback photo and definitely answer your question.

Tito Sotto said, “Vic at 2 years old. “Alam nyo na kung sino talaga ang kamukha ni Talitha!”

Pauleen Luna and Ryza Mae Dizon were, of course, tagged on the said photo.

Do you see Baby Tali’s semblance with her mama Pauleen as well?

Well, it’s early to know because children grow and sometimes when you’re young you can’t see the real features that you got from your parents.

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Baby Tali was the best gift Vic and Pauleen received for Christmas.

Baby Tali has begun gaining weight, and look at those squishy rolls on her arms that’s why she was always compared to Ryza Mae Dizon.

Pauleen Luna doesn’t have any problem with but the veteran reporter Lolit Solis reacted to it saying that definitely, for a mother, it would be annoying to know that their child resembles someone else instead of them.

She also added that all babies almost have the same features and only then when they grow up people would see his or her actual face and then identify whether the baby looks like the father or the mother.

So who we are to judge right?

Let’s just wait until baby Tali grew up so we can distinguish who really is that she looks like.

This bundle of joy for Vic and Pauline makes their love for each grows stronger every day as they watch and guide their daughter.

Her mother Pauleen once said in an interview that she prayed that her baby Tali will be kind generous, respectful and obedient.

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Source: GMA