Beautiful woman marries poor old man with disfigured face

A beautiful woman from Thailand has earned the admiration of netizens after she married a poor older man who has a disfigured face.

According to an article from the website “Story Stairs,” Phatsara Obnak is a stunning girl who saw beyond money and good looks when she fell in love with Boonmee Khanthong.

Boonmee has had broken capillaries on his face since childhood. As a result, his face was severely disfigured, with his gums and teeth exposed and his lips swollen out of proportion.

Photo Credit: storystairs

At first, Boonmee’s family tried to have him treated, but because they were poor, they eventually stopped. They soon started to accept the fact that their son might never find a woman who will love him and that the poor man will probably never marry.

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That was, until Phatsara came along.

Photo Credit: storystairs

The beautiful Phatsara first met Boonmee when she was going door to door to sell papaya salad in Hat Chai City. It wasn’t long before Boonmee found himself falling for the attractive papaya vendor, but he knew that it was almost impossible for Phatsara to love him back. Little did he know that he has never been more wrong in his life.

Photo Credit: storystairs

As it turned out, Phatsara fell for him too, and the two got married in a village in the Surin Province in Thailand. Now, the couple is happily living a married life, along with Phatsara’s child whom she had from a previous relationship.

Here are some comments from netizens who read the couple’s inspiring story.

Photo Credit: storystairs

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“When you come to hear these type of news… We actually get shocked… But we forget that this is the actual humanity and love we need to show towards others….. If we are on the correct way then there is no need to get shocked..”

Photo Credit: storystairs

“Then i guess thats what u called true love…. I like ths kind of story that makes me believe that true love still exist… Gives me hope”

“She will try to make him better than he was before ,she will sacrifice everything to make him better than this, God will gives her miracle ideas to make her husband better.”

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Source: Storystairs