While most newlywed couples want to have the fanciest wedding reception, these two chose to order McNuggets and other McDonald’s meal.

The perfect wedding day consists of friends, families, and, for this newlywed couple, some food from McDonald’s.

There is no denying that everyone loves McDonald’s. Even if the most recognized fast food in the world is always classified as “unhealthy”, people would still want to grab a bite of their burger, chicken, nuggets, and their other food on the menu.

McDonald’s is so irresistible that even a newlywed couple would choose to buy their greasy yet delicious food over some fancy and sophisticated wedding reception food.

Photo Credit: Ladbible

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Carmel and Phil Price de Pasquale tied the knot on June 6 as they had the wedding that they have been longing for. They made sure that everything is perfect on that day — including the food that they will eat.

The two lovebirds, who are self-confessed junk food lovers, had a gourmet junk food theme at their wedding reception. Their friends and families were treated with food trucks and donut stands.

However, they admitted that their stomachs are craving for some delicious McNuggets so they went to McDonald’s in between their wedding ceremony and wedding reception to satisfy their cravings.

Photo Credit: Ladbible

“We got married and drove straight to McDonald’s. I didn’t actually manage to eat any of the food truck as I ate 20 McNuggets and chips in there before we got to our reception,” Carmel told LADbible.

“Everyone was staring at us and asking us questions they couldn’t believe we had really got married and gone to McDonald’s in our wedding attire. It was so funny the staff were loving it, too,” she added.

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Just because they love McDonald’s, it doesn’t mean they don’t take care of their body. Carmel and Phil are known to their friends as gym rats.

“We love the gym, too, so people are always surprised as we are always eating. We wanted our love for food to be incorporated into our wedding day as we kind of fell in love over our love for food,” Carmel said.

Photo Credit: Ladbible

In case you’re wondering, here is the list of food they ordered from McDonald’s on their wedding day:

20 McNuggets

Fillet-o-Fish meal (large)

2x DCB’s

3x Mayo Chicken’s

Large Fries

Orange Fanta

2x McFlurry’s

What can you say about their decision to eat at McDonald’s on their wedding day? Are you also inspired to do the same on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: Ladbible

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