Woman got pranked for refusing to wear her seat belt

Violating the traffic rules can either send you straight to a correctional facility, cease to exist from this world, or worse, have it posted on social media for everyone to see.

Sometimes being in the passenger seat makes us forget that we also have responsibilities. It’s not just the driver who should wear seat belts. If you want to be safe, then wear it.

As for this girl in Taiwan, she may have learned her lesson the hard way after she got pranked for not wearing her seat belt. After having her video uploaded on Twitter by user [at]10ntyan, her whole fiasco quickly became viral.

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With over 9 million views, this woman was seen sleeping in the passenger seat not wearing her seat belt while her legs were resting on top of the dashboard. Suddenly the driver pulled the brakes, making her fall off and get stuck between the compartment and her seat.

Most of the netizens who watched the video found it hilarious. However, some are commenting that the video wasn’t really a prank and that it was all planned out.

Whether the clip is fake or not, the internet world was really amused. You might be laughing at someone else’s situation, but most of the time, this kind of posts can lead into giving you something to think about.

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Admit it or not you know you’ve done it too. At one point in your life, you probably experienced disobeying some traffic rules as well.

Whether this video was put up to be a funny joke for everyone or for others to realize that there’s no harm done in sitting properly in the seat of any car and putting the seat belt on, you might as well just do what is right because you never know what might happen while you’re on the road.

Not only following orders will save you from accidents, it will also keep you from getting embarrassed for the whole world to see.

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