Chinese model shocks netizens for her doll-like appearance

It is really hard to believe that there’s a human being who could actually look like a real doll. Of course, dolls looked perfect and definitely not realistic especially with their porcelain skin, thin figure, huge eyes, and more. However, a woman shocked the internet with her photos. Believe it or not, a gorgeous doll-looking girl would make you think if you’re seeing a mannequin.

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Meet Kina Shen, a model in China. She became famous on Instagram since she started her account in 2013. As more people discovered her unique appearance, she amassed over 440,000 followers through the years.

In most of her photos, she really appeared like a life-sized doll. Judging from her photos, she mostly tried the gothic doll look. She usually wear black dresses and shoes. Shen also loves to pose in publio. It was as if a mannequin was roaming outside the city in her snaps. Although what really did the trick to was her makeup.

As a matter of fact, she only played with wigs and makeup. She even made a transformation video on her YouTube channel to show how she was able to achieve the doll look. Truly, she’s a talented makeup artist since it was definitely hard to perfect the silicon doll appearance.

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On top of that, the rest of her look were all natural. Her long legs, porcelain skin and thin body did not undergo any surgery. If you are curious on how she looks like without makeup, rest assured that she still looked gorgeous. You could also notice that her face has the natural features similar to dolls.

No doubt, there’s really a living doll in this world. Kina Shen effortlessly proved that with talent and beauty, the impossible could really be achieved.

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Source: Elitereaders