Find out the reason why Rosanna Roces chose to leave the limelight of show business

Rosanna “Osang” Roces has been known to be one of the most talented and sexy actress in the industry. During the 90’s, the Kapamilya actress has been the star of every daring film in the country. That’s why hundreds of men have fallen in love with her through the span of her career. But even though she had been one of the most sought actresses in show business, the 46-year-old artist recently chose to leave the limelight of entertainment.

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According to reports, she is now living a simpler life with her female lover, Blessy Arias. Rosanna left the flare of show business to take care of her partner and her family.

Today, the Kapamilya star is fond of uploading their family photos as they dine in different restaurants across the country. Although her fans were saddened upon learning that she chose to become inactive in the show business, they were happy to see her as she enjoys her private life with her loved ones.

With regards to her love life, Blessy and Rosanna have been together since they were young. In 2015, the two decided to tie the knot in Canada, while they once again married in an LGBTS Christian Church in Antipolo in 2016. Osang is also known for her failed relationships with men. In fact, in 2004, she married Tito Molina and had two kids with him. Today, she is currently taking care of them with the help of her current partner.

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Although she has decided to step out of the show business, the industry still calls for her name. In fact, there have been reports where she’ll be part of the cast for ABS-CBN’s upcoming TV series, “Los Bastardos.” Together with her are some of the brightest stars of Kapamilya which includes, Jake Cuenca, Diego Loyzaga, Ronaldo Valdez, and many more.

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