WATCH! Isang Lalaki, Napa-indak Habang Nagwiwithdraw Dahil Sa ATM Machine Na Ito

CONTENT: Most of the time, we really became careful when withdrawing in an ATM machine. After all, there could be someone with ill intentions lurking around the area. That’s why we should be cautious when getting our money from the machine. However, this man definitely did the opposite while withdrawing.

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The viral video featured the hilarious man while doing an epic dance. Everything started when he chanced upon a broken ATM machine. Although it seemed perfectly working, the machine’s light was blinking nonstop.
Just like that, the ATM machine turned into a giant disco ball. No wonder the guy withdrawing his money suddenly had an idea to dance as if he was hanging out in a club. To make things funnier, there was even a lively background music to match his comical movements.

Throughout the entire video, he was bobbing his head and shaking his body at the same time with the blinking lights. He did all these while processing the money withdrawal. Aside from enjoying the money in his hands, he surely had fun grooving in front of the ATM machine.

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People could really pull out the most hilarious stunts when bored. This man definitely gave everyone an inspiration on what to do on their next ATM withdrawal. Take a look on some of netizen’s comments.

“Ang tagal mo mag withdraw. Pa sayaw sayaw ka pa. Kanina pa kami nakapila. Bilisan mo ang haba na ng pila.”

“Party party! Hahaha! Kulang na lang dance pad.”

Baka hindi na tayo umalis dito. Dadala nalang tayo inumin.”

“Pag may sweldo na, party party!”

“Ayos yan, at least kung wala pang laman, idaan mo nalang sa sayaw kesa mabadtrip.”

“Mapaindak ka pa kaya kapag nawala na pera mo kasi nag system error na naman ang BDO.”

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Watch The Video Below:

magwiwithdraw ka na lang mapapa indak ka pa eh no. HAHHHAAHA

Posted by OjiSan Miguel on Tuesday, October 9, 2018


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