Viral photos of Loisa’s look alike caught the attention of many netizens!

Somehow all people in this world are related genetically. We all came from the same gene pool. By saying this, it is likely to happen that while you were walking on the street you will notice a stranger that somehow looks like another person, that person could be you, a celebrity, a family relative and etc. We all might have encountered this kind of experience.

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Having a lot of similarity with another person can sometimes add confusion to other people while in some cases, it helps other people to remember you easily as you remind them with someone that looks like you. Say for an example in school, if there are a lot of students in your room, the teacher might have some trouble in remembering each one of you. But if you happen to look like someone that reminds your teacher of another person like a former student, family member, or a friend etc., it will be a lot easier for the teacher to remember you.

A person who has a resemblance or a similarity with other people can be an advantage. Having a spitting image of another person makes it a lot easier to build a rapport with other people. When a stranger notice your similarities with another person, starting a conversation with the person wouldn’t be a problem anymore because somehow you already managed to build a connection. Some people may get comfortable already because you remind them of someone that they trust or someone special to them.

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If you are a look alike of someone that’s famous like a celebrity or a politician, this takes you to a very good chance of boosting your popularity. Some people are taking this as an opportunity to have a career and a well-paying job by being a double to a famous celebrity in a movie, a television show and other projects in the entertainment industry. Some people can be transformed into an overnight star because of their looks. A lot of people use their social media accounts as a channel for their popularity.

Take this girl as an example for being famous because of her great similarity with the Kapamilya star Loisa Andalio. The woman in the photos is known as Alexis Angel Roxas, a student from Adamson University. Alexis caught the attention of many of our netizens because of her very strong resemblance with Loisa Andalio. In a page called Estudyante 101, her photos became viral and it earned a lot of reactions from our netizens.

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