Take a look at Meteor Garden’ Shan Cai after 17 years

Let’s do a quick walk down memory lane for #ThrowbackThursday. Without a doubt, the Taiwanese soap drama “Meteor Garden” got us all hooked when we were younger. Who can ever forget that iconic scene when Shan Cai received her first red card? Or when she was miserably running after the bus that Dao Ming SI was in? Ah, those were the good old days.

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Surely, a lot of young girls back then idolized the tenacity and boldness of Shan Cai. After all, she fiercely stood up against bullies while still looking adorable.

After over a decade later, Barbie Hsu, the actress who portrayed Shan Cai, can still pretty much portray the same role and no one would even spot a difference. Barbie, who looks as vibrant and youthful as the day she graced our screens, shared that her only secret is drinking lemon water and rose tea every day.

At the age of 41, she is now a mother to two beautiful children. She has been married for eight years to Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei, who is five years her junior.

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Previously, Barbie announced that she is carrying their third child. Sadly, the actress and her husband had to terminate the pregnancy after finding out that the fetus had no heartbeat.

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Source: KAMI