Former Kapuso reporter Steve Dailisan fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming a pilot.

It has been months since the people stopped hearing Steeeeeeeve Dailisan, the signature extro of former GMA reporter Steve Dailisan. He left the news company on February 18 to pursue his first love: being a reporter.

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Now, Steve is proud to report to everyone that he was able to fulfil his dreams and fly in the sky.

In his Facebook post, Steve shared how he can’t help but to be happy as he was about to have his first solo flight. He said it was an unexplainable feeling of being scared and excited at the same time.

“They would always say your “First Solo Flight” will define you as a pilot. It’s a milestone that will forever be etched in your memory.

On the 8th of October, 2018 I was released to conquer the skies. I can’t help but feel emotional as Capt. Shiel Von Dy radios the tower activating the flight plan intended for my 1st solo flight. My heart throbs as I was taxiing to enter the active runway,” he wrote on his Facebook post.

“Indeed, there’s that unexplainable feeling. Magkahalong kaba, takot at excitement. Di matutumbasan ang takot sa daming beses na nalagay sa bingit ng alanganin ang buhay ko noong reporter pa.”

Just like any other dreams, it was never for Steve to reach his dreams as flying a plan requires preparation, concentration, discipline, and hard work.

“It’s no easy job because you only have minutes or seconds to respond. The result can either be catastrophic or a huge success.

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And I landed safely on runway 19.”

He also urged the public to never give up on their dreams even if it seems like it is already too late.

“Mahirap man siyang pangarapin noon, hindi naman nangangahulugang hindi mo na siya puwedeng pagsikapang maabot ngayon.

I may have been struggling financially now but my family and friends are more than enough to keep me going.

It may not have been my childhood dream, but I know it’s my destiny and God is leading the way. To everyone who have played a significant role in charting my destiny, this 1st solo flight is dedicated to all of you. Please accept my heartfelt thanks,” Steve wrote.

So maybe in the future, you are boarding a plane and before it takes off, you may hear “I am Steeeeeeeve Dailian. Cleared for Take-off!”

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Source: GMA