Pia Wurtzbach Responds to Controversial Photo On Instagram

Several people went on to fuel the controversy that circulated Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach’s Instagram post less than 24 hours ago. Of course, the beauty queen is no longer a stranger to controversies as her biggest moment — her coronation — was one of the most controversial moments in beauty pageant history as well as in pop culture. It was an iconic moment that had Miss Universe as the talk of the town by all countries but most especially Colombia and the Philippines.

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To recap, host Steve Harvey announced the winner incorrectly in confusion and crowned the wrong beauty queen as the winner. Shortly after, he announced that he had made a mistake and that the title truly belonged to Philippines represented by Pia Wurtzbach.

A video was uploaded less than a day ago by a YouTube Channel entitled “Trendz Today” the beauty queen was being talked about and buzzed about by the media for her newest post on Instagram. The video was titled “MILAGRONG Naganap sa POST ni PIA WURTZBACH Shocked NETIZENS!!” it was accompanied by a video description that read, “Nag-post ng throwback photo si Miss Pia Wurtzbach sa kanyang IG account. Ok naman ang picture, kumakain sya sa loob ng CR, pero merong isang eksena na napansin ng matatalas na mata ng netizens. Meron daw kasing nahagip sa picture na hindi dapat mahagip.”

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Now, Pia made it clear that the speculations are wrong and that people need to calm down on her Instagram post’s comment section were several netizens had flocked to zoom in by the clock segment of the photo that read “Midnight snacking after the ball #throwbackthursday.” The beauty queen was eating a healthy heartful snack by the restroom of a hotel. The comment section was talking about a completely different thing to which she defended with a statement shared through Instagram’s story feature. She wrote “Relax guys! Ang dami dami namin sa room. It takes a village to do my glam and I also need their help to take these all off. Haha!” it was followed by another story that said “Of course, di ako makakatulog with my wig and all this make up on. Thanks to my photo / video and glam team for all your help! Love you all!” Both stories were partnered with more behind the scenes photos with her team clear in sight this time around.

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Source: Instagram, FashionPulis