Para sa Grade! Isang Estudyante, Todo Sa Pagsasayaw Upang Ipasa Siya Ng Kanyang Guro

Students have plenty of responsibilities – to be a good friend, a good family member, and a good student. Education is a big part of a person’s life as it is their parent’s greatest treasure they can pass to their children. And in this generation we live in, although most say that grades are just numbers, to most of people, especially young students, having high grades is part of success. Students make great efforts to achieve the highest of grades they can be able to receive from their teachers.

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A video on Wednesday, October 10, was posted on Facebook and to this hour collected an amount of 1.4 million views and 36,000 reactions. The content of the video was a girl named Nelsie Ahn Espinosa dancing with a whole lot of effort to achieve a hundred percent grade from his teacher, as the video says “Para sa PE.” The girl executed just simple steps but you can see how energetic she is stepping from left to right plus different positions of the arms and hands. You can hear other students who we assume to be her classmates cheering for her. Some are full of laughs as it was quite a comedy. There were some kicking, stretching, and a little hiphop. She was enthusiastic from start to finish! Right after her performance, she immediately checked her score. It was all for the grade but it really seemed like she entirely enjoyed herself.

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As amazing as the video is, it garnered comments from the netizens. Le Nin commented on the post “Outstanding dance (hats off) but anyone thinks it’s inappropriate to dance solo in front of her prof??? sorry,” but others thought that it is not inappropriate as it’s just part of the requirements and is a wholesome activity. One of the dancer’s friend tagged “#KMJS #RATEDK #IJUANDER #ABSCBN #GMA #EATBULAGA #ITSSHOWTIME” to make her “tropa” noticed by the media. Some of them left comments that made them really happy and that it was a great performance. They even acknowledged the fact that Nelsie is now famous.

We all have our own talents that the school is the best venue to show it. Sometimes, the school we go to is the one who encourages us to pursue these talents, it is also the same place where these talents can be enhanced. I don’t know what you think about Nelsie’s dance, but for me, she has great potential!

Watch the video below:


Posted by Neslie Ahn Espinosa on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Source: Facebook