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Friendships come and go but true best friends are forever. These celebrity best friends forever or BFF’s show us that a great friend is truly someone who’s willing to support you as much as you support them!

In no particular order, here’s 9 of our favorite Filipina celebrity BFF pairs!

9. Heart Evangelista & Lovi Poe

-Heart and Lovi had actually attended the same high school when they were younger but they never crossed paths. After both Kapuso stars became famous and successful, they met again and have been best friends since!

8. Jane Oineza & Janella Salvador

-Talk about support system! Jane and Janella may be super busy in the hectic world of showbiz but these two always find time for each other. Sometimes they’ll arrive as each other’s date during events!

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7. Yassi Pressman & Nadine Lustre

-Nadine and Yassi have been inseparable friends for a long time now. These two may have a million followers on their social media accounts, but if you want to know who their biggest fan is – then it’s probably each other.

6. Toni & Alex Gonzaga

-Toni and Alex have that Gonzaga sisterhood thing going on. They say if two girls are in a family then they’re either the worst rivals or the best of friends. These two are, without a doubt, the best of friends.

5. Rhian Ramos & Bianca King

-If you ladies have matching outfits (and swimsuit) with your girl-friend then you definitely have a best friend for life! Rhian and Bianca are serious BFFs.

4. Sofia Andres & Elisse Joson

-Sofia once admitted she didn’t think she and Elisse would be friends the first time they met, because of their different personalities. However they quickly learned that opposites attract and the BBF’s have been supportive of each other ever since.

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3. Arisse de Santos & Kathryn Bernardo

-On the other hand, Arisse and Kathryn have so many things in common from the same taste in clothes, food, etc. Kathryn and Arisse have even gone on double dates together with their boyfriends!

2. Solenn Heussaff & Georgina Wilson

-When Georgina married businessman Arthur Burnand, Solenn got so emotional during the ceremony. So much so that it was enough to make us cry! The BFF duo even wrote the book “Besties” about their unbreakable bond.

1. Nikki Gil & Iya Villania

-Now here’s a perfect example of that one friend you’re so comfortable with that you can show off your weird, silly side with them! We can’t remember a time when Nikki and Iya weren’t together as friends.

What can you say about that list? Which celebrity best friend pair is your favorite?

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