Kilalanin Ang Mga Celebrities Na Napagkamalang May Relasyon Dahil Sa Kanilang Sobrang Closeness

It cannot be denied that Filipinos wants to be updated about celebrity couples all the time. They even check their every move and make conspiracies if they are secretly dating other celebrities.
These people on the list denied or remained quiet about the rumors but they are the ones who caused some buzz among the public for their very close friendship.

1) Kyline Alcantara and Jeric Gonzalez
The “Kambal Karibal” stars posted their YouTube covers together and the public thought there was something going on between the two. Kyline already clarified to the public that they are just friends and they see each other as siblings.

2) Mikee Quintos and Andre Paras
The public buzzed about the possible relationship between Mikee and Andre after they were spotted together in California. In a press conference, the two denied that they are in a relationship and they only had a friendly date in California because their respective families are also there for a vacation.

3) Sue Ramirez and Maris Rascal
Sue and Maris have denied that they are engaging in a lesbian relationship. Maris answered this accusation through her Twitter account.

4) Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio
The two look like a match made in heaven but unfortunately for the shippers, they just remain as friends and close co-stars in the movie “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter”. In fact, Barbie is currently in a one-year relationship with “Meant to Be” co-star Jak Roberto.

5) Alex Gonzaga and Kian Cipriano
Alex once admitted that she held hands with Kian and she used to watch his gigs before but a serious relationship never came into fruition. Kean is currently married to Chynna Ortaleza while Alex is currently in a relationship with Mikee Morada.

6) Marvin Agustin and Markki Stroem
The two close friends spent a vacation together but they denied that they are engaging in a gay relationship. The two insisted that they are just friends.

7) Piolo Pascual and Mark Bautista
Mark admitted in his book that he previously had an intimate relationship with a close guy friend but he never dropped the name. A lot of people are speculating the man is Piolo Pascual and hinted that Mark is the reason why the hunk actor and KC Concepcion ended their relationship.

8) Joyce Pring and Aaron Atayde
Joyce Spring was previously linked with former co-radio jock Aaron Atade. The two are super close but they never revealed what’s the real deal with them.

Source: GMA