Kilalanin Ang Mga Sikat Na Celebrities Na Kinasal Sa Kanilang Mayayamang Partner

A lot of Filipino actresses are working hard to get those fat pay checks but it looks like life is good for them as they meet, fall in love, and marry with rich men. They are still working hard with their own career but they got to admit that life became more comfortable when a family is being survived by not just one but a couple who love each other.

Here are some of them:

1) Assunta de Rossi
The Filipina-Italian actress married Negros Occidental Congressman Jules Ledesma of the rich Ledesma clan. Besides politics, the Ledesma clan is also known for having a successful business in sugar industry. Assunta has been in a string of successful local movies until she got married to him in 2004 and chose the married life over showbizness.

2) Zsa Zsa Padilla
Her unique and powerful voice made her a household name and it also attracted the late king of comedy Dolphy. The singer and the iconic Filipino actor had two daughters: Nicole and Zia Quizon.
The two were not unable to tie the knot as Dolphy joined the Creator last 2012 and Zsa zsa’s annulment plea from her first husband Modesto Tatlonghari was still pending at that time.

3) Gretchen Baretto
We all know that Gretchen is probably the richest one in the Baretto sisters as she is with huge business tycoon Antonio “Tonyboy” Cojuanco for more than two decades already. They already faced a lot of rumors about infidelity and cheatings but they were not able to destroy their relationship.
The two had a daughter named Dominique Cojuangco.

4) Kaye Abad-Castillo
The matinee idol is now married to former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Paul Jake Castillo. Paul Jake looks like a simple boy-next-door but he was actually born with a silver spoon as his family owns a lot of properties in Cebu City. Their family also runs some of the biggest brands like Bioderm, Efficascent Oil among others. Currently, Paul is managing his own lechon business.

5) Nina Jose-Quiambao
For those who do not remember her, Nina is another former PBB housemate. She later married billionaire politician Mayor Cezar Quiambao of Bayambang, Pangasinan. Cezar is the CEO of Starcom Corporation. A lot of people criticized their relationship due to a huge age gap but the two shrugged those remarks and tied the knot last year.

6) Pauleen Luna-Sotto
Speaking of age gap, Pauleen and Vic Sotto swiped left on the criticisms from the public due to the huge age gap of 34 years. They got married in 2016 and had their daughter a year after.

7) Marian Rivera-Dantes
It was first a love team and it turned into a real thing. Marian was just a simple Cavitena girl and Dingdong has been a TV personality since two years old. After starring in some GMA hits like Marimar and Dyesebel, the two entered a relationship and married years later.

Source: Manila Rush