Isang Buntis Na Babae, Ginising Ang Kanyang Asawa Upang Gawin Ang Bagay Na Ito Na Talagang Ikinagulat Ng Maraming Netizen

Pregnancy is probably one of the most sensitive stages of the life of a woman. Most people think that it is very dangerous for women to carry children in their wombs. That is why most people really take the best care and precautions available for pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a very serious matter that women should take care of. Before undergoing pregnancy, one has to make sure that she really wants what she is doing. Pregnancy, unlike other things, has permanent effects, one of which of course is bringing another life in this world. This is the reason why pregnancy should be a choice and not just a requirement to fulfill your womanhood.

Although pregnancy is a very serious matter, there are people who are dealing with this thing with a full sense of humor. Some are just internalizing some positive vibe while others even go as far as pulling prank on other people although they are about to pop out another human!

The video below is just one of the thousands of pranks which surface online. But boy this sure is something you will not expect!

In the video, a pregnant woman was seen complaining to her husband as if she is about to give birth. She kept on yelling and crying over what seemed to be some stomach cramps. On the other hand, her husband was already panicking and it can be seen that he is becoming clueless of what happens. Although not all can understand their language, people can see that the husband is already alarmed and is already trying to find a way on how to deal with the situation.

But then things started to change when this thing suddenly happened!

Watch the video below:

No es para tanto #papiwailoo

Posted by Cristian Medrano on Thursday, July 7, 2016

The video already gained thousands of reactions, comments and shares and has been viewed for 21 million times!

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