This obese man shows weight is not a hindrance in finding love

Kudi thought that he will never find love. In the society’s standard, someone who weighs 265 lbs is not destined to find love. They are just seen as overweight people who will just eat and be the subject of fat jokes.

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Kudi has been the subject of jokes and bullying all throughout his life. He tried to lose weight but it is not as easy as everyone seems. Moreover, he is getting unfair treatment for a physical condition that he did not even ask in the first place. His peers would always call him “Ball” instead of his name. With this experience, no wonder Kudi has already gave up on love and has accepted the possible outcome that he will live alone forever.

But then again, love is love; love knows no weight and for a beautiful girl name Puwadol, love is Kudi.

Puwadol, a nurse, did not mind Kudi’s physical appearance and still fell in love with. A lot of people questioned her choice in her love life. They pointed out that she is literally Kudi’s better half – weighing 97 lbs – and with her beauty, there is a good-looking man out there who looks good better with her.

However, Puwadol defended her one true love from the criticisms.

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“Many people look at us and call Ball [Kudi] fat, but we do not care because I am in love with the person not just what he looks like,” she said.

Unlike Kudi’s critics, Puwadol understood that Kudi has some underlying medical conditions that is preventing him from dropping weight.

For her, being physically good doesn’t matter as love is more important in keeping their relationship strong.

In fact, the two were together for 10 years until they officially tied the knot. Last year, the two had a new blessing in a form of a beautiful baby girl.

The two may receive endless criticisms for not adhering to the standards of the society about true love but as long as they got each other, those criticisms will be minimized into senseless noise of bitter people who needs to feel more the magic of love.

What do you think of their love story? Do you think they will last together or not? Do you think his weight should not be tolerated nor should we be more inclusive to people suffering from weight problems? Let us know your thoughts and tell it in the comments section below!

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Source: Rachfeed