When this lady took off her face mask, netizens were disappointed

They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, there are still some people who get criticized just because they did not pass the standards of what beautiful is. Worse, they think that public humiliation of one’s physical appearance is acceptable and justified.

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This is what happened to this Asian woman when netizens criticized and ridiculed her for not really looking “beautiful” in her eyes after she removed her face mask.

In a video that went viral on social media, this unidentified Asian lady wearing a mask caught the attention of the person who was holding the camera. With her round eyes and fair skin, she could really turn heads and attract people. She looks like a live version of beautiful anime characters.

There are some reasons why people are wearing face masks. In Asian countries like Japan and China, they wear this because they are sick and they do not want other people to be affected by their contagious coughs. There are also some who wears face mask because they haven’t completed their makeup.

It looks like this woman wears face mask because of her experience of receiving criticisms. When she removed her face mask, netizens were not pleased with what they saw. Some say it is a “plot twist” in a negative way. Some even said that she should just put back her face mask instead.

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“Ate magmask ka na lang siguro. Madaming kakalkihan ang nagkakadarapa sa kagandahan mo,” one netizen said.

“Kaya pala siya nakamask,” other netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens did not even think that she is ugly as they wish to meet the Asian lady.

“Gondo naman ni ate,” one netizen said.

“Ate akin ka na lang! Promise, di ka magsisisi,” another netizen said.

“Why so ganda, ate girl! Magbigay ka naman ng donasyon ate!” a netizen also said.

“Siguro madaming natamaan ditto sa kagandahan ni ate.”

“How beautiful you are sana pati ugali din sana maganda din,” she said.

Whether she passed the standards of what is beautiful from not, the public should be reminded that not everything is defined from the physical looks. What is still important is the attitude and behaviour of one person. Beauty fades but kindness is forever.

What do you think of the criticisms this unidentified woman got? Do you think it’s justified for netizens to just call someone ugly just because they did not pass their standards? Let us know your thoughts and say it in the comments section below!

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