Watch: Isang OFW Na Tatay Nagpanggap Na Waiter Para Surpresahin Ang Kanyang Pamilya

It’s hard for an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) to leave behind their family, especially their children who don’t fully grasp the motivation behind their decision to work abroad. It is for this reason that there is perhaps nothing sweeter for an OFW than coming back home to their kids after all the time spent being separated from one another.

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Mario Sayson, a migrant worker based in Qatar, had other plans for his two children when he made his homecoming recently.

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In collaboration with his wife, Shell, the dad surprised his daughter and son in the most epic way – by pretending to be a waiter at a restaurant where his family was dining.

Using two handkerchiefs to cover most of his face, Mario served his two children by delivering their food to the table himself. The two, however, were unsuspecting at first, and were more focused on their lavish dinner than their waiter.

Seeing that his tricks were not working, the OFW then decided to reveal his face by removing one of his handkerchiefs. Sure enough, right after he served their drinks, the daughter was shocked to realize that the attending waiter was actually their dad! Almost immediately, the teenage girl exclaimed, “Hala!” before crying her eyes out.

At this point, her younger brother – who was still clueless as to why his ate was in tears – decided to go for his food. But when Mario walked back to their table, the boy beamed with happiness right when he saw his father’s face.

With the two still in disbelief, Mario comforted his daughter and son by kissing and hugging them. This only added to their overwhelming emotions, especially the daughter, who couldn’t be stopped from crying tears of joy.

The homecoming surprise – which was documented in a 5-minute clip – was uploaded by Shell on Facebook on Friday, April 27. As of press time, the post has clocked in over 8,000 reactions, 2,000 shares, and up to 300,000 views.

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Watch it below.

" EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED"#mabuhayangOFW#Bayaningbuhay#Qatarkinumbinsi namin ang staff ng giligans at magkunwaring service crew nila, ako naman sinundo ko dalawang bata sa tingga kase nga dun sila natulog. (watch the reactions)thankyou sa giligans staff! success ang surprise .emotional but super happy#tearsofjoy

Posted by Shell Nosyas on Friday, April 27, 2018

Source: Pilipinoscoop