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    Mika Salamanca: The Magic of Change on a Filipina Beauty

    It is proven that Filipinos are really obsessed with admiring people in the world of the internet for their good looks, particularly the ones of younger age. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a celebrity or star on the big screen just so you could have fans. At this time, a simple netizen can have […] More

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    Kaye Abad’s new hairdo is an ultimate peg!

    Heads up, fans and fashionistas! Kaye Abad just had her hair done and we are obsessed! In a scoop by Push, the celebrity mom was scheduled to fly to Cebu but decided to take a short trip to renowned Jing Monis salon for a haircut. Monis himself shared a photo op with his friend on […] More

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    Kristine Hermosa: Epitome of beauty

    Kristine Hermosa is 32-years-old with three children, and she has never looked better. The returning actress recently made heads turn as she joined the fantaserye “Bagani” as the Bathala’s wife. Even after leaving the showbiz industry since she married her husband Oyo Boy Sotto, it’s as if she didn’t slip one bit with her natural […] More